Intelligent Chiller Plant


Real-world chiller plant efficiency with VSD and Chiller Manager was measured best at 0.84 Kw/ton average. Where the best chiller plant could be targeted at 0.65 Kw/ton average (22.6% better). This point cannot be reached with the use of hardware (Variable Speed Drive with the Chiller Manager or Building Management System). Why? Because the major factors which determine the optimum chiller plant efficiency, were not native part of said hardware. Read more…




If you are looking for somethings new in HVAC controls. Somebody with expertise in energy efficiency. Somebody who owns the Intelligent HVAC technologies. Somebody who aims to helps you monitor any parameters with any sensors, on cloud and so on…

Congratulations!! You are in the right place.

Chiller Plant Efficiency

Chiller Plant Efficiency

How is it important in improving HVAC energy efficiency?

If reducing operating costs is a matter of interest, then improving energy efficiency is a must. Are you sure you have the best chiller running in the chiller plant would end the story?

“My hotels equipped with the best chillers running during night time. That was already a good things?” Please take a look at the picture on the left. The real world chiller plant efficiency operating during night period was 30% worse than that during day time..

Intelligent Chiller Plant Screen

Intelligent Chiller Plant Screen


For Beginners


Let’s check where you should start the trip to energy efficiency communities. If you have operating your HVAC facilities for years just to meet the cooling/heating demand. This is where we suggest starting from here…

  • I do not know how much energy used by the chiller plant.
  • I do not know how to improve chiller plant efficiency.
  • I have to run 2 pumps per 1 chiller so that my chiller plant deliver more cooling output.
  • I have no VSD installed to pumps.
  • I have no Chiller Manager system.

If all the answers are “Yes”, Give us a contact. We can offer the right solutions. Step by step..

Basic Chiller Plant

Basic Chiller Plant

For users with Chiller Manager

A Chiller Plant Manager gives the facility manager essential data right on the desktop. But it has nothing to do with the guarantee plant efficiency. Let’s check whether you need the improvements by answering the following questions.

  • I do not know my actual Chiller Plant Efficiency in Kw/ton.
  • My Pumps operates at almost constant speeds all day/night.
  • My chiller plant experienced shutdown if I run the pumps in VSD mode.
  • My energy consultant says he can do no more energy efficiency improvement.
In 100% cases. There is 100% room for improvement. If you look for the opportunities for better energy efficiency. Contact us to explore the future of chiller plant control, together..
Chiller Plant Manager VS Intelligent Chiller Plant

Chiller Plant Manager VS Intelligent Chiller Plant